Information Systems Development Aligned with Business Strategy


ISDABS (Information Systems Development Aligned with Business Strategy) is a framework to assist in the planning and development of information systems that directly support business strategy.


IS/IT are valuable organisational resources that must be effectively managed to help the organisation achieve its objectives. Strategic alignment directs the development of IS and the deployment of IT to provide continued support to the attainment of business objectives. This is achieved in ISDABS by analysing elements of the business strategy in terms of the context of the potential contribution of information systems and information technology.

ISDABS is based on the following premises:

ISDABS framework aims to unite the stages of strategic planning, information systems strategic planning and information systems development through the re-use of information, communicating business knowledge to information systems development. ISDABS consists of three stages:

Stage 1: Corporate Summary This is a contextual description of the organisation addressing the question of What business are we in?

Stage 2: Situation Summary This analyses the current strategic situation of the organisation addressing the question of What is happening in the business?

Stage 3: Justification Alignment This identifies the potential IS to support the strategic situation and the main objects that will form the IS. It addresses the addressing the question of What information is needed?


The framework recognises that previously little attention has been applied to the transfer of strategic plans from the director's 'planning office' to the systems-developer's workbench. ISDABS focuses on the information transfer between planning and development activities, addressed through the integration of the formulation and implementation of IS strategic planning. Figure 1 shows an overview of ISDABS. NB: the strategic techniques shown for use in stage two are merely examples, they are not prescriptive.

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