ISDABS Stage 3

Justification Alignment

From the strategic situation summarised in stage two, one or more information systems may be identified as being required. In this stage a justification alignment contour is prepared for each information system needed to support or facilitate corporate objectives.

A Justification Alignment Contour is an outline of the system to be developed derived by extracting relevant components from the situation summary. It initiates the systems development process and is circulated to all participants in the development, providing information regarding the strategic role of the development.

The purpose of the justification alignment contour is to justify the system to be developed, thereby aligning development with the corporate strategy. It provides the starting point for development, using the information collected during strategic planning. A contour may be defined as an outline or a line on a map joining points of the same altitude; the justification alignment contour provides an outline of the system to be developed; bringing information systems planning and information systems development into line with the strategic direction of the company.

The steps in stage 3 include:

The deliverables from stage 3 include: