ISDABS Stage 2: Situation Summary

STEP 3: Select Strategic Analysis Techniques

This step requires specific strategic analysis techniques to be selected with which to analyse the key areas identified in the previous step. the following guidelines have been developed to assist in the selection process, however, techniques with which the organisation are familiar may also be used.

The choice of strategic techniques should be determined by the main areas of the business analysis model (set theory model) that have been identified as achieving most to the business requirements (i.e. the elements of the business model that are most critical to the attainment of the corporate requirements). The following table suggests tools that may be used to analyse each area of the business analysis model from stage 1.

Company: (mission analysis, cultural web)
Resources: (resources audit, skills analysis)
Core Business: (value chain, SWOT)
Products: (product portfolio analysis, business segmentation model)
Market: (customer resource process)
Competition: (five forces model)
Business Environment: (four stage life cycle, supply chain)
Business Climate: (PEST analysis, TOWS matrix)

The strategic analysis techniques chosen are then mapped onto the framework as shown in the following example: